One C/E/P Series

Ninebot One C, C+ One E, E+, and One P (Pro) Electric Unicycles

Ninebot electric unicycles have very few user serviceable parts.

Apart from adding air to the tire, changing the tube/tire, or battery; there are no other user repairable parts. So please do not disassemble it on your own. Doing so is dangerous and will void any warranty that is in place.

If you have any problems with your Ninebot One electric unicycle, please contact us first.

Our Ninebot One Services Include

  • Restoration (replacement of all exterior LEXAN components)
  • Sensor calibration
  • Tire change, and tube replacement
  • Handle assembly installation
  • Seal inspection, and replacement
  • Battery testing, and replacement
  • Main control board testing, and replacement
  • Motor installation


Ninebot Repair by Ninebot Trained & Certified Technicians