Ninebot ‘C’ Comfort

The ‘C’ model is basically an Elite PTR with a knee controller.  It doesn’t include the operation-bar and handlebar.

Service requirements, and repair are the same for the ‘C’ as the Elite PTRs.

Here’s a list of the Regularly Scheduled Maintenance for the Ninebot ‘C’ Comfort.  Please note that apart from re-fastening the various screws, changing the tires, fenders, and battery; there are no other user repairable parts. So do not disassemble it on your own. Doing so is dangerous and will void any warranty that is in place.

If you have any problems with your Ninebot ‘C’ Comfort, please contact us first.

The manufacture recommends that you send in your ‘C’ Comfort for maintenance checks to ensure your safety and the best performance of your Ninebot.

The following table is the manufactures recommended maintenance cycles and items.

Items 3 Months or
1,243 miles (2,000km)
1 Year or
3,107 miles (5,000km)
2 Years or
6,214 miles (10,000km)
3 Years or
9,321 miles (15,000km)
Then every 6 months or
1,864 miles (3,000km)
Surface cleaning Free of charge *
Damaged foot mat Free of charge * (First time only)
Loosened fasteners Free of charge *
Change gear oil
Change remote key batteries
Check service life of battery
Calibration of balance sensor Free of charge *
Upgrade firmware Free of charge *
Inspection of tires
All lights inspection
Change of foot mat panel Every 2 years or
6,214 miles (10,000km)
Aging inspection of steering shaft Every 2 years or
6,214 miles (10,000km)
Inspection of internal circuit/wiring Every 2 years or
6,214 miles (10,000km)
Aging inspection of motor Every 2 years or
6,214 miles (10,000km)
Inspection of sealed parts Every 3 years or
12,427 miles (20,000km)
Change of gearbox and coupler Every 3 years or
12,427 miles (20,000km)

*All shipping costs are the responsibility of the customer.
The Ninebot internal structure is dedicated.  Except the authorized persons of/by Ninebot Inc., no one else should disassemble the mainframe, or you may be in danger and lose the warranty of the product.

Ninebot Inc. shall bear no responsibility for any damage, fault, property loss and personal injury caused to unauthorized persons who disassemble it (the product). Judgment of unauthorized disassembly shall be based on the relevant mark provided by Ninebot.

Ninebot Repair by Ninebot Trained & Certified Technicians